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Company Introduction
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We, IruChem Co., Ltd., who produce the processing additives for polymer processing
do all our efforts for the most add-value of our customers’ products.

IruChem, with heart always to be with customer, do our best to provide the best service, including technical service, to customers.
In order of these services, we have following equipments.

65mm conical twin screw extruder (including hot cutting device)
36mm parallel twin screw extruder (including strand cutting device)
3 liter kneader & 30mm single extruder combo
120 liter pilot reactor (SUS 316)
Universal testing machine (2,000kgf and 200kgf force)
Melt flow indexer
Hot press
Izod impact tester
Dropping and softening point tester

The laboratory of IruChem always opens to customers.
We will do our best for the customers’ profit increment.